Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Joys of a Brunei Barbershop!

Ready?Applying the Shaving CreamLathered UpLet's BeginTurn to the Side SirClose Up
All Areas CoveredOld School Barber ShopI Love this PartMr Partivan the BarberNearly FinishedAll Will Be Smooth
Beauty ProductsVery SmoothCut Throat ShaveClose ShaveThe Barber's ToolsBarbershop Products
Don't Move or Sneeze, Ok!Nose Hair Trim!Stage 3: The ScoopI Need More Light!Deep Ear CleanAhhhhhh...
A Brunei Barbershop, a set on Flickr.
One of the things I really look forward to when travelling to Asia is visiting a Barber Shop.

I know we have them in Melbourne, but they are a dying breed and unfortunately the services that are on offer are sadly lacking compared to the joys of a 'full service' barber shop in Asia.

Amongst my favourite Barber Shops in the world are the ones found in Brunei Darussalam, particularly the Indian Barbershops!

I look forward to visiting them with both joy and trepidation. Joy because I know I will come out with my hair washed, freshly shaven, ears cleaned, eyebrows plucked, a 13 stage facial completed and the grand finale, a head, neck, arm, shoulder, back and leg massage!

Trepidation, because, I am allowing a complete stranger, in this case my Barber, Mr Partivan, to use a Cut Throat Shaver (rather dextrously, I must admit!) to give me an amazingly close shave. This is kind of thrilling and rather frightening at the same time, but all part of this fantastic experience.

So having spent at least 3 wonderful hours in the Barber Shop's air conditioned comfort, I emerge into the Brunei heat, somehow refreshed, invigorated and ready for the rest of my day, all for the cost of a bowl of noodles in Melbourne!

So if you are male and visiting Brunei, I highly recommend this wonderful experience, which shows another side to the hospitality on offer in Brunei and will leave you in awe of the skills of these Barbers!


Rob Steer

#Thanks to Melvin Low for the Photographs


  1. Excellent read Rob!....look forward to seeing it in the magazines.

  2. Excellent read Rob!....look forward to seeing it printed in the magazines.

  3. Thanks Mel, I hope so to! Have sent it off already. Do you know of any other mags in Brunei/Malaysia that might be interested?