Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chiang Mai Once Again Amongst Friends

So as I was saying yesterday, after Bangkok it was time to fly back into the now smokey and steaming hot bossom of my favourite place in the world Chiang Mai, which often involves me sitting in a chair drinking a cold beer surrounded by my Chiang Mai friends, both local and expats.

It's hard not to go out and do just that, but right now I have lost my voice completely, not sure if it is from the smoke from all the surrounding mountains being burnt or all the late night conversations over multiple beers or a combination of both.

I have been here just under a week and have already Djed 3 times, one at an outdoor party with my UK mates Andy Williams and Billy Disco which was awesome, then I played at Minimal Art Gallery with Dj Scooby Doo, which basically meant I played 2 hours straight of Thai music, which was fun but not easy at all.

Lastly, I played at the Chiang Mai Gymkana Club for my good friend Pope's Wedding. It was a stunning setting with the dj booth under one of the biggest, oldest and most beautiful trees in Chiang Mai.

It has been fantastic to be back and see lots of old friends and to see my good friends Dylan and Nice who have a beautiful 3 month old little girl Ava.

As always I think about my friend Shaky as I live in his bar and ride his scooters, who is incarcerated for a long time. Tomorrow night I will be rocking Bar Shaky in memory of his absence and to get as many people in as possible to keep his family afloat and the bar's doors open.

Lastly, I would like to dedicate the following photos taken in Chiang Mai, to my good friend P'Koong from Chiang Mai who died last year at a very young age after achieving her dream of living in Melbourne. I miss your smile and your style Koong, RIP...

Rob Steer
Old Chedi, Thapae Road

Suchart Vespa Shop
Dj Scooby Doo, Live at Minimal Art Gallery 

Colourful Viharn on Thapae Road
Me on Shaky's Lambretta
Golden Chedi, Thapae Road

Sky Breeze Pool, where I've been spending a bit of time!


  1. Chiang Mai is simply the best.... Flying back home on June 27th!

    1. yeah I love it to and there are many posts and pics from Chiang Mai in my blog!