Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to Thailand

Wow I can't believe I have just winged my way back into Thailand only 6 months after spending 2 months here last year. As usual with Thailand not everything has gone to my mental plan, but then I guess this is one of the attractions of the place.

From my Window Seat

As many of you know my first love is Chiang Mai in Thailand, so I only spent a couple of steamy nights in Bangkok, shooting a handful of iphone images which are below.

After Bangkok it was time to fly back into the bossom of my dreamscape, which often involves me sitting in a chair drinking a cold beer surrounded by my Chiang Mai friends.

Of course this is what I have done every night since I've been here, some nights bigger than others but as always I have received the warmest of welcomes.

Stay tuned for my Chiang Mai images and thanks for your time in reading this...

Rob Steer

Pra Athit Road

Tuk Tuk Disco


Dragon Fruit

Awaiting Customers, Khao San Road area

Broomstick and Brush Salesman, Rambutri Road, Banglamphu

Street Stall Carts Being Moved into Place, Banglamphu

Visiting My Friend, Phra Panyuwaro

Phra Panyuwaro

Vespa Cosa's, Banglamphu

Zooming By

Combi Bar, Banglamphu

Breakfast Bar, Khao San Roa

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