Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Scooter Model on Instagram!

As many of you know I have been pushing the possibilities of Iphoneography, to the extent that my Iphone 4 has now become my main way of taking photographs (unless I want a more professional quality).

The possibilities of taking photographs, editing and uploading to the net in a matter of minutes has had me enthralled for awhile now and has extended to my recent exhibition 'Thailand I Phoned' and the production of a small run of books based around the exhibition.

Prints and a handful of books are still available from the exhibition if you missed it.

Thailand I Phoned Exhibition Prints for Sale

This love of Iphoneography has led to me being a very active member of Instagram. I have been inspired by so many of the images uploaded to it and spend way to much time checking out what others are doing, both for inspiration and to improve my own photography. Many on Instagram actually post images taken with proper SLR's and edited in Photoshop (etc) which I admire, but for me Instagram is about Iphoneography, of course that is only my opinion.

As you can imagine with the massive growth in Iphone usage and Social Networking, things that were impossible only 5 years ago are at our fingertips. I can view a photo taken in deep dark wintery Siberia immediately after it's taken. I can be transported around the world and into other photographer's worlds in a matter of seconds.

The growth of Instagram has been massive and while much of what I see on the 'Popular Page' (which I have never made!) is photos of Asian girls taken in the mirror and pictures of cats and dogs, there is so much quality stuff and if you have an interest and spend the time to look, there is real beauty, art and imagination.

Due to Instagram's popularity globally there has been a movement to forming Instagram groups all around the world, which hold meetings and photo walks. The Melbourne group is particularly active and creative and thrives on the artistic imagery of its followers.

While I am not an active participant in the walks and meetings (not yet anyway due to work committments) I try to stay up with Igersmelbourne photo feed and the info they post on their walks.

Hence last Sunday 11 March 2012 the Igersmelbourne Photo Walk was on and while I could not join in due to work committments, I had time to pop into their stop in Melbourne's famous Street Art alleyway, Hosier Lane.

Inadvertently my Lambretta scooter and I became models for the Melbourne Instagram group.

A big thank you to the following photographers for sending me their pics. Please follow them on Instagram!!!


Credit where credit is due!

This is what came of my modelling, no laughing ok....
















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