Sunday, August 21, 2011

Walking with John

Yellow MountainRest Stop with John SpiesDown the RidgeTowering Teak and PineThe Burnt LegsIt Rises Up to Us
The Mist Shrouded Valley BelowSkinny But StrongRain DropsThe Closet I Could GetStanding Tall Soon It Will Come
The Leaf Strewn RouteSoon The Cloud Covers AllThe Clouds Move DownSwirling GrassThe Last Light of DayVantage Point
Soon it Enveloped UsThrough the MistSun Has Gone

Walking with John, a set on Flickr.

John Spies is the owner and operator of Cave Lodge, in Baan Tham Lod, Pangmapa District, Thailand.

We have been friends for about 15 years now and one of the most enjoyable things I do when I visit John is to walk with him and discover hidden jungle paths, ridge walks, caves and mind blowing viewpoints and vistas.

John knows the area better than most and in fact is the go to expert on anything to do with the area, whether it be tourism, conservation, finding and mapping caves or dealing with the myriad of dfferent hilltribe people that live throughout the Pangmapa district.

Here are some shots I took the other day on a walk with John, enjoy...

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