Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thailand I Phoned Exhibition Round Up!

On Friday December 9, 2011 I officially opened my very first Iphoneography Exhibition at the wonderful Red Monkey Tea House.

It had been something I had been working on for quite a few months and had invested a lot of time  and effort to try to build a real theme to the night.

This included offering Thai Beers and Cocktails at Bangkok Bar prices, A Thai Style Satay BBQ and all this set to a classic Thai funk, soul, pop, reggae and hip hop soundtrack.

It was a warm evening which suited the vibe I was going for and although people were slow to wander in, once it got going it was a fantastic evening!

I must admit that the promoting of this event took a really long time, as I tried hard to not only invite friends and acquaintances, but also Travel Magazine Editors, Travel Company Marketing Managers, Thai Airlines and Thai Consulate representatives. I'm not sure that I was super successful in getting these people in but it was worth a try.

As part of the marketing I also sent over 60 personally addressed postcards, put up over 30 posters and spoke to and rang many people about the exhibition.

Here are some of the Marketing Samples:

About 50 people turned up to the opening which was great but I was hoping for a lot more considering the marketing I had done.

Perhaps it was the time of year with many people attending work xmas parties and already spending money on gifts for family and friends. Food for thought...

As for the exhibition itself, I believe it was presented really well, that the vibe was great and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Of the 12 images on display 6 were sold over the 2 weeks that the exhibition was on.

I also sold 5 of the books I had made especially for the exhibition.

I would personally like to thank those people for their support and for helping me achieve my goal of presenting affordable art!

I would also like to thank the following people for their invaluable assistance with the exhibition: Shirleen Chin, Clem du Buisson, Ciaran Rosner and Audrey Chinn.

Exhibition Images Still on Sale and Now at a 25% Discount!!!!

Due to the above reasons I know many people wanted to come to the exhibition but couldn't so as a special enticement I would like to offer the remaining 6 Exhibition images at a 25% Discount and the remaining 15 Books at the Cost Price of $15.00 each!

Many Buddhas: 50cm x 75cm: Was $250.00 Now $185.00

Ancient Buddhas: 30cm x 45cm: Was $120.00 Now $90.00

Fruit and Vegies: 30cm x 45cm: Was $120.00 Now $90.00

Chiang Mai Vespas: 30cm x 45cm: Was $120.00 Now $90.00

Warhol Buddhas: 45cm x 30cm: Was $120.00 Now $90.00

Classic Scooters: 30cm x 45cm: Was $120.00 Now $90.00

Golden Buddhas: 30cm x 45cm: Was $120.00 Now $90.00 

Limited Edition 'Thailand I Phoned' Photo Book: 20cm x 20cm: Was $25.00 Now $15.00

Please Email Me or ring me on 0412 222 037 if you are interested in any of the above.

There are also 12 Additional Non - Exhibition Images Available for order at a 15% Discount. You can download the Exhibition Catalogue here

Thanks for your time!

Rob Steer


  1. Hi Bob Im Trish
    Like you Im a DJ too!I recently enterered the world of digital photography.Music is my first love though. Deep cold winters here in NJ dont offer many chances to experiment with my camera but once spring arrives My DJing and photography will bust a move,I welcome you to check out my page
    Peace love and music

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! I'll check out your page...

  2. If you would like me to make you some mixes you may email me at

    1. Hi Trish,

      That would be cool!

      I dig funk, soul, reggae, latin jazz, soul and boogaloo and jazz.

      You can find my dj mixes here:

      Let me know what you think?