Friday, July 29, 2011


David's ShadowThe Dying of the Sunny DayThe Roofs of FlorenceThe Arno RiverThe Dome Towers Over AllClip Clop Clip Clop
Duomo's DomeDryed AlsoFlorence ReflectsThe Red DuomoPalazzo VecchiSunset Over the Arno River
3 wheeled electric carElectric WheelsDuomoViaThe Rape of PisaNow I Have Clean Clothes
Die You DogGoodbye FirenzeUfizziFirenze DuomoThe Medici TowerDavid the Giant Slayer

Florence, a set on Flickr.

I know I keep saying this but I am so in love with all the places I have visited so far. Florence has been a major highlight, such a grand city, with beautiful and winding lanes and small narrow alleyways full of hidden gems.

The bars, cafes, shops, architecture, colour, statues, sculptures, galleries and shops full of leather bags are all set out in of course a very very stylish manner!

Often made me feel like a sweaty Australian bum watching the very well dressed and overly suntanned Italians strolling hand in hand with their designer hand bags, cigarettes, and gelaties in hand.

Florence truly is a remarkable city, from its vistas along the Arno River towards the Ponte Vecchio as the sun sets, to its statue of David outside the Palazzo Vecchio reflecting its grand stance in its own shadow onto the wall of the Palazzo behind it as the sun sinks for another day.

Do yourself a favour go to Florence, but for now enjoy these Iphone 4 pics of some of its wonders...

Rob Steer

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