Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vientienne to Vang Vieng

In September 2011 after a small motorcycle accident I had in Chiang Mai, Thailand that made it impossible for me to walk much, my friends John, Nung and Pat from Cave Lodge, Thailand invited me on a two week road trip to Laos.

John and Nung Spies
These photographs cover the road trip from Vientienne to Vang Vieng. The road was perhaps one of the worst I have ever had the privelage of travelling along. Considering that this is the main highway in Laos, there was basically very little road to speak of with it being single lane, potholed and mostly without any asphalt and huge puddles that seemed deeper and deeper as we progressed very slowly.

Crossing That Bridge
At times we stopped to photograph rice fields, mountains and ridges in the distance, people going about their business and even for a walk up to some caves and to some hot springs.

Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng

Outside Vang Vieng

A natural pool flowing out of a cave

Endless Rice Paddies and Mountains Surround Vang Vieng

Rice Season!

Rain Clouds and Sunset

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Rob Steer

More Pics

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