Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Three Days in Florence, Italy

It has to be said once again, although I'm absolutely sure that it has already been said in many languages, over many centuries, by many people, both royal and common, that Florence or Firenze to those in the know, is perhaps the most beautiful, artistic and architecturally inspiring places on Earth.

It is a homage to art, architecture and the ability of men and women many hundreds of years ago to not only see but create something awe inspiring that so far has stood the test of time and hordes of visitors for millennia.

In many respects it is also an ode to the follies and grandeur of unbridled wealth and power, but along with this came a great patronage of the arts and science which has been a gift to the world ever since.

The Ponte Vecchio 

The Duomo alone was something so awe inspiring, beautiful and overwhelming that I walked around it at least 20 times to try and grasp its grandeur, size and age.

I pretty much spent the 3 nights and days I had in Florence wondering around in awe and at times I just had to sit down and try to digest all that I was seeing. If felt like around every corner (and on every corner) there was another architectural or sculptural masterpiece.

Although this was my second visit to Florence, (I have little memory of the first one) it was a personal highlight to visit the Uffizi and Acadamia Galleries, the Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Vecchio, as well as to see the statue of 'David' once again and just walk the streets of Florence.

While the weather was extremely hot, there was still some overcast skies that didn't help the photography cause, but one of the things that has stuck in my mind was a sunset along the Arno River from the Ponte Vecchio.

If you do anything in life I recommend a visit to Florence, set at least 3 - 4 days aside for it. I hope these images have gone someway to inspiring you to travel to Florence or anywhere that takes your fancy for that matter!

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Rob Steer

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